What is Whole Brain Development

The left hemisphere of the brain enables children to analyze information and is involved in processing information related to language and sound. The right hemisphere is integral to processing spatial information. Computations using the abacus stimulate the nerves in fingers which relay messages to the brain. Studies have demonstrated that abacus learners have improved visual and auditory memory compared to non-abacus users. In addition, through the ABC’s Brain Train exercises, students will learn thirty-two different body movements that are designed to enhance their ability to grasp concepts and assist in re-energizing the brain. Coordination of right and left brain through computations and Brain Train exercise encourages optimal concrete and abstract learning.

Children, regardless of whether they are right or left handed, use their left hemisphere of the brain more frequently compared to the right hemisphere. Thus, the right hemisphere stays highly dormant most of our lives. To stimulate both the left and right hemispheres, specific activities are available. Activities that stimulate the left brain are numerical sense, analytical skills, calculation, logical reasoning and problem solving. Activities that stimulate the right brain are creativity, arts, recognition of colours and sizes, memory recall and thinking processes.

Benefits of our Program:

• Better Creative and Imaginative Skills
• Photographic Memory
• Sharper Observations
• Improved Analytical Skills
• Greater Concentration
• Better Comprehension and Calculation Skills
• Enhances Problem-Solving Capability
• Keen Listening Skills
• Improved Accuracy and Speed in Computations
• Logical Reasoning
• Improved Reading and Writing Skills
• Improved Self-Confidence and Self-Reliance