Benefits of Abacus Programs

Can your child mentally calculate the following within seconds?

An ABC student can; with some practice and dedication.

The ABC Abacus curriculum is designed for children aged four to thirteen – and shown above are actual mental calculations that are carried out during class, during practice sessions at home and during public competitions. When using a calculator to perform these calculations is called ‘Computing Skill’. Our students use their brain power to perform these calculations and that is called mental arithmetic. A student’s mental arithmetic power increases if they’ve mastered the abacus and it’s visual components. The ABC Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program is widely recognized as the ‘Whole Brain Development Program‘ due to its combined benefits that help improve a child’s focusing, concentration and memory power. A combination of the program benefits are ideal in a new generation that is equipped to face the competitive landscape that continues to grow.

Over the last twenty-five years, many prominent research papers have been presented on the topic of abacus brain training for children, some of which are outlined below:

  • Improved creativity, as both hemispheres of the brain are activated
  • Improved mental capacity, mental confidence and problem solving capabilities
  • Increased concentration skills, mental endurance and right brain development
  • Fosters intuitive thinking, patience, confidence in calculations and self-esteem

A child that has mastered the abacus is able to confidently calculate large sum calculations without having to rely on modern day tools such as the calculator. During this process, the child is able to benefit from a host of benefits (Listed Above), and be better at learning new topics, being able to hold memory and recall what has been stored in their memory.