Why should I enroll my child in the abacus brain training program?

In today’s competitive educational landscape, it is important for your to have the competitive edge and possess useful skills; such as improved analytical skills, improved concentration, improved information processing and recalling and greater focus.

How will the abacus whole brain development program be beneficial for my child?

While every student is different in terms of the skills and abilities they possess, there are some well known areas that some students may be lacking experience in and these include:

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Didaskaleinophobia – Fear of School Work
  • Lack of Understanding or Preference for the Subject

A student will often minimize their concentration and focus in a particular subject when they are lacking understanding in that subject. With the lack of understanding, comes boredom and reduced preference for the subject. A critical aspect also lies on the teaching method, the teacher and the learning environment. Our Active Brain Center – ABC Abacus course allows a child to enhance their concentration and focusing skills, whereby allowing them to listen more attentively to the teacher in school. When a child works with an abacus, they are focused on either one or two columns on the tool, and they perform calculations exclusively on these one or two columns within a stipulated time frame. For a period of 10 to 20 minutes, the child is focused on ten beads, two columns, one or two colors – all the while manipulating the beads with their index fingers and thumbs.

A student’s memory power is also enhanced as they spend more time in the abacus program. The course curriculum calls for regular class dictations, which are verbally announced at a fast pace. The student is required to recall the numbers as they perform calculations. Over time, this helps a child listen to something, store the information in their mind and recall it when they need it – an extremely key skill required for exams/tests.

What is the best age to join the abacus brain development program?

According to the Harvard Center for the Developing Child, 90% of a child’s brain development happens before the age of 5, while the remaining 10% develops after the age of 5. Our research has suggested the best age is as early as possible, starting at the age of four. Our abacus brain development course is available for children between the ages of four and thirteen, but the earlier the better.

Glucose is the most vital source of energy for brain development, along with other key sources such as minerals, protein, vitamins and essential fats. The brain is just like any other organ in the body, whereby it requires the appropriate sources of energy to develop.

Will the abacus course impede the student’s ability to learn concepts in school?

There is a clear difference between the teaching methods between the abacus learning process and what a student may be learning in school. It is ideal for a student to start the abacus whole brain development program when they are starting school, as it will be an easy learning process. A student that joins the abacus program after starting school, while have an initial learning hump that they will need to get over in the first one to two weeks. The abacus course will not impede a student’s ability to learn new concepts in school.

How is Active Brain Center different from other abacus brain training courses offered by other companies?

Our abacus course is unique in the sense that we do not ask our students to memorize any formula, like most other courses. The course is taught in a playful way with reduced pressure, so as to allow for student growth and engagement. Our abacus course included brain training exercises exclusive to the Active Brain Center franchise. The Montreal ABC Abacus center also offers an online platform for students, parents and teachers. This online platform allows teachers to keep track of student progress throughout the week Monday to Friday; it allows parents to assess student progress and finally, it allows students to see their own progress, collective incentives for hard-work and submit extra curricular work.

How long will I have to wait to see improvements in my child?

A skill is not mastered overnight, or in a few days or week. On average, the Active Brain Center has seen improvements in students starting at the third level of the program. Please note that every student is different, and some will show improvements earlier, while others may show improvements later.

Is attending the abacus every weekend enough for the student to master the skills?

No! This is the number one reason why parents do not see success in their child. It is very important that the child works with the abacus for a minimum of 20 minutes everyday that they are not in class. The student needs to touch the abacus and have a feel for the beads in the first two levels, before they can start visualizing the abacus.

How much will the abacus course cost for my child?

For Montreal Only! – The abacus course for one student will be seventy-five dollars for every four classes. Do you know someone who might also be interested in our course? Please see our referral program for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions – Last Updated: Friday, November 10th 2017