Referral Program

Your referrals mean a great deal to us. Each referral means we’ve not only helped your kids, but have an opportunity to help kids of your family & friends. The educators of this abacus institution will tell you that this is one of the most exciting things about our program as it serves as a true sign that we have helped your child become successful in the social and academic aspects of school. Helping your family and friends is a task the ACTIVE BRAIN CENTER are grateful for and honorably accept.

We are dedicated to treat your family and friends with the same dignity, service and dedication as you and everyone experience at the ACTIVE BRAIN CENTER.

Thank you for allowing us to help kids of your friends, family and yourself!
Keep spreading the word “ABC Abacus”!

Active Brain Center

Who can participate in the Referral Program?
Parents of students who are currently enrolled in the abacus program at the Active Brain Centre (Montreal Location).

How it works?
With our referral program, you will be eligible for a discount of $5 for the first 2 months when you refer a family member or friend who registers for the abacus program at our center. In order to receive the discount, your referral should be active for minimum 4 months. Please note that self-referrals will not be honored.

Where do I start?
1. Print and tear off the bottom section that indicates “Referral Copy”.
2. Fill the section with your child’s name, student number along with the date, your phone number and signature for approval.
3. Give it to a family member or friend that is ready to register their kids.

I haven’t received my child’s student number, what do I do?
If you haven’t received the student number yet, you should ask for temporary student number in order to participate in the Referral Program.

How do I get the temporary student number?
1. Call 438-380-8997
2. E-mail us at
3. Come by our office during our regular office hours.