Welcome to ABC Abacus & Tutoring

The ABC Abacus (Active Brain Centre), widely known in Montreal as the ABC Abacus and Tutoring Centre is an educational facility focused on whole brain development and student tutorial services. Our abacus program, originally developed in parts of Japan and India has been mastered to fit the Canadian educational model. The abacus program is a specialized set of curricula that is geared towards young children aged four to thirteen, and focuses on whole brain development techniques. The individual levels have been catered to meet the needs of the children while ensuring true development. With locations throughout Ontario and Quebec, the ABC Abacus program has garnered many successful students who’ve completed our program.

The abacus is a mathematical tool that stimulates visual-spatial learning. Coordinated movements of the abacus encourages development of a number of sensory pathways in the brain, promoting creativity, reading, logical reasoning and observation, conceptualization for writing skills, and many other benefits associated with right and left brain development. An optimal learning environment is created as kinesthetic (touch), visual (observation, retention, and recall) and auditory learners are engaged in classroom instruction involving mental arithmetic and Brain Train exercises. As a result children have improved academic performance and see learning as an enjoyable activity. The abacus program is a disciplined program that teaches students to be organized, manage time and work in an efficient manner. A few notable benefits of the program includes increased recall ability, better concentration, better focusing skills and more.

Apart from our specialized abacus program, our educational platform offers tutorial services for student at both the elementary and secondary level. Currently, we offer courses and learning programs for French and Mathematics, taught by experienced individuals.

For more information on the abacus program and tutorial services offered by ABC Abacus, please visit the other pages on our website.